Inventory Optimization Assessment (IOA) at a glance

Ultriva's IOA is a tightly bound assessment of your current-state inventory performance. The entire process takes 2 - 3 days to perform and requires only 4 - 6 hours of support from your IT team.


Ultriva Inventory Optimization Software will perform the following tasks and produce the following deliverables:


  • Analyze and graphically display your historical consumption and replenishment patterns by item
  • Identify candidate items for pull-based replenishment
  • Determine optimal replenishment cycle (a.k.a. loop size) for each item
  • Compare and contrast recommended replenishment cycle to historical replenishment pattern for each item
  • Compute inventory levels, dollar values and savings by item while optimizing for no stock-outs
  • Compute improvements in inventory velocity
  • Produce and deliver a web-based 'IOA Management out brief Report' detailing findings, recommendations, and inventory savings opportunities
  • Provide soft copies of all IOA deliverables


Ultriva Inventory Optimization Tool

Why you should seriously consider this offer of our Inventory Management Tool:


  • The IOA Tool provides actionable business intelligence on your current-state inventory performance
  • The IOA Tool provides supporting data to help you build the business case for change in current-state inventory replenishment methods
  • Similar IOA engagements would cost you thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete, Ultriva's IOA only takes 2 - 3 days to perform and it is free
  • Implementing IOA Tool recommendations will improve inventory management and supply chain performance, while freeing-up operating capital to redeploy into your business


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